2017 Annual Report

Dear CIMAM friends,

We are delighted to share with you the 2017 Annual Report which outlines the programs and activities developed throughout the year. Despite the challenges of the current economic and political environment, CIMAM is well positioned to continue to ensure that it takes a leadership role in responding to the needs of the profession.

The Annual Report makes clear how your support keeps CIMAM relevant and renowned internationally. It includes details about CIMAM’s membership, the Annual Conference in Singapore, the travel grant program, Museum Watch, the Free Admission Program and CIMAM’s annual budget, among other information.

I hope you find the enclosed information of interest and I look forward to your continued engagement with CIMAM during 2018!

Warm regards,

Elizabeth Ann Macgregor OBE
President of CIMAM
Director, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Sydney, Australia

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